About COV

What is Congress of Vandalia? “Congress” represents the convening of persons and ideas, an adherence to pragmatic statecraft, and the development of international institutions to govern issues of war and peace, invoking the precedent of the Congress of Vienna in the 19th century.

Congress of Vienna (1814-1815)

“Vandalia” is a theoretical territorial construct referencing a frontier colony planned prior to the American Revolutionary War, located in the Appalachian Mountains, within the borders of current day West Virginia.

Frontier Colony of Vandalia

At its most esoteric, Congress of Vandalia (COV) is a present discussion, informed by the past, concerning the future of the international order and the United States role and interests in shaping this system.

More often than not, the forum reflects the plain observations of a West Virginian, international lawyer, and engaged citizen, ambling down those country roads from the Beltway to the Silk Way. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do! 



  1. I’m excited to use this new form of communication to share in the growth and development of a 1st Class Mind and a Tender, Loving Care person.

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